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About Travel Wags

Who We Are

Travel Wags is the brainchild of television journalist and dog lover Sarah Hall who spent years working for the New Zealand version of 60 Minutes and other current affairs programmes.

When overseas on assignment Sarah would always go into the local pet stores searching for two specific products; a dog walking bag and a weekend bag but she couldn’t find them anywhere. So after two years in development Travel Wags was born!

Sarah quickly brought on board well known New Zealand designer Sonya Cotter renowned for her sense of style and colour to ensure the products were functional yet beautiful. Sonya, a member of the NZ Institute of Design, used to squeal when Billy and Archie jumped up to greet her – now she lets them sleep on her bed.

Making up the team is Sarah’s sister Delia Hall who has taken Travel Wags to the UK market. Delia is also a life long dog lover with a background in travel, accounts and management. Delia spends hours on spreadsheets - Billy and Archie claim to understand them but hope they will never be quizzed on their meaning. 



Billy is outwardly loving and kind but wrestles with his inner corporate demons.

Secretly he wants to sell the company to buy a squeaky toy factory.

He needs to regularly ask himself; What would Oprah do?



Behind Billy's back Archie is just using Travel Wags to try to meet women. He loves Jennifer Aniston for her "Norman" tattoo and Portia De Rossi for still eating vegemite on toast.

Basically he's a dreamer. He just wants some San Fran start up to design tinder for dogs. If you want to hook up with Archie email him at:




Outside of work hours Mufasa is a part time bouncer and wannabe DJ.

He is always late for work.

We suspect, no we know, he's up to no good. Billy and Archie turn the other cheek. Family is family. 

Travel Wags Team



With a very short attention span Charlie spends most of his day staring in mirrors admiring his long eyelashes. 

He thinks the only woman in the world more beautiful than him is Fan Bingbing. He secretly wants her to adopt him.